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CODY While you’re making your list of New Year’s resolutions, consider a
woman who isn’t making a resolution. Why? She’s an octo-jock already.

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Mona Linville claps her fists behind her back, as she does several reps on a weight machine.
How young do you have to be this flexible? Apparently not young at all. Linville is 87 years old, and she hits the treadmill, the weights, and the track five days a week, or more. If there’s snow or ice outside, she comes to the gym anyway. Her gym buddies, all younger than her, are amazed.

Retired Airline Pilot Bill Brown commentd, “She doesn’t slack. She works hard. And I said to her before that she oughta be charged more than the rest of us because she doesn’t just work out on one or two machines, she works out on every type of machine.”

Bodybuilder Justin Mariani said, “I watch her work out every day, and that’s all I can think about is if she’s up doing it daily, why can’t I, and push myself daily, and why can’t everybody else.”

A lot of people make the same resolution every December, to go to the gym more often, work out harder, and get in better shape. Mona does not do that. That’s because she works out all year long, religiously. She spends two hours a day at the Cody Rec Center.

Linville explained, “I spend an hour on the weight machines, a half hour on the aerobic machines, and a half hour on the track.”

Two hours at the gym every day? That may qualify Mona as a jock. Her high school friend thought so, too.

Linville remarked, “When I moved back to Cody after being gone for twenty years, she told everybody that she and I were the jocks of Cody High School. So, I’ve been a jock all my life.”

Studies show regular exercise, including strength training, is beneficial to the muscles, bones, balance, and is also good for your mental health as well. Mona is living proof.

She said, “You don’t have to work out as much as I do, if you just come up for an hour, or a half an hour, you know? Every little bit helps.”

Linville took some time off from the gym this holiday season to go visit her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in Dutch John, Utah.